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Core world technology provides packaging options from BGA24 6x8mm, WSON8 5x6mm, DFN8 2x3mm, DFN6 1.2x1.2mm and wafer level SiP. Such diversified small packages are selected to cater to various application scenarios of AIoTs Internet of Things, such as TDDI/AMOLED for screen display, CAT1/CAT4/NB IoT for wireless connection, and other highly integrated modules are adapted to the application trend of various products; Low standby power consumption 1Mbit-128Mbit wide voltage 1.65V-3.6V SPI NOR is provided to meet the needs of portable and wearable small size low-power applications, ensure on-time delivery and cost competitiveness, and provide one-stop storage solutions.
Application Scenario
Smart home
Fingerprint lock